Behind the Scenes of “Scraping the Barrel”

Money Saving Movement Team

When you are part of a social enterprise start up it is fair to say that life can be a little crazy.

There is so much to do. We juggle our time between crafting our strategy, talking to investors (we love you Solve), instigating a copious number of meetings, and completing a fairly impressive quantity of admin (The FCA have some long forms). It’s hard graft, but when you manage to complete a piece of work that moves you closer to your ambition the feeling is great. It is simply what it is all about.

“Scraping the barrel”, launched this week is our first piece of thought leadership work produced here at MSM, and needless to say one which we are very proud of. The summary details the headline results from our survey of 1,200 social housing residents from 10 Housing Associations across Britain. It explores how people are coping financially in an increasingly expensive world. As you might expect, the picture is bleak, but we see the findings outlined as an opportunity to build a relationship with a sector that is ideally placed to reach some of the most in need in our society.

Our next step is to bring together the Housing Associations that were involved in the research along with other support agencies at an event we are hosting on the 9th October. This will be an opportunity to discuss further discuss the results and launch our full research report, but more importantly the event is also to look at how we can introduce more innovation into provision for the financially underserved.

So whilst we bask in the light of getting this work done, we would welcome any feedback you have on the summary or more general comments about our ambitions for MSM. Producing this has made us even more inspired and motivated than ever before, so we are grateful for any feedback.

Finally I would like to end on a thank you. Firstly, many thanks to our research partners Voluntas, especially Dylan and Katy who did a great job coordinating the Housing Associations. Secondly, thanks also to our investors Solve for their advice and support, and to our fellow alumni from the Public Service Launchpad who helped keep us motivated and focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks also to Paper for their excellent prototyping workshops, and last but certainly not least to Hilary, our hotshot designer, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible and who is an absolute star! They say a team is only as good as their support network, well, with you lot behind us we can’t be doing half bad.

James Perkins

Money Saving Movement


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