Meet the Team – Tamer

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As an On Purpose Associate, it is my personal mission for this year, to engage with as many social enterprises as possible in order to add more value to my time with On Purpose.

Money Saving Movement (MSM) gives me a chance to do just that; it also gives me a chance to contribute to the sector and to work on a meaningful project that aims to support people in making their money go further – an increasingly more important need given the impact of the economic recession and the rising cost of living. Working with MSM can help me make a meaningful contribution to those around me and to gain invaluable experience working with talented social entrepreneurs on the frontline of innovation in community-based service delivery.


Meet the Team – Andy

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I heard about Money Saving Movement through a friend while working on another social enterprise project, Move Your Money. As a person that benefits from money saving ideas on most purchases, I was attracted to the idea of a Money Saving Movement providing money saving tools for those that need it most.

I was shocked to learn that 22% of the U.K. population are living on or below the poverty line, even though many of them are in employment. In recent years it has become more expensive to be poor with the rapid rise in the cost of living and austerity measures undertaken within welfare reform.

The costs and effects of living on a low income are being further compounded by added costs to families and individuals through being financially excluded and lacking access to money saving ideas in an already difficult situation.

I joined the Money Saving Movement team in the hope of enabling those in need to get the most value out of every pound they spend, and to be part of something that will help level the playing field and restore some justice in the purchasing power of those on low incomes.