Vision & values


Our long-term vision is to help create a world which is financially healthier and happier.

We believe that a world of educated and sophisticated consumers will in turn demand more from those who ask them to spend their hard won money and become more engaged in the workings of wider society.

We will do this:

  • By helping people to demystify the nature of marketing and help citizens decide for themselves what really constitutes a “good deal” and “good value”.
  • By increasing people’s knowledge of government benefits and other programs that can help them reach their financial goals.
  • By empowering people to take charge of their own financial well-being as well as that of their communities.
  • By creating alternative enterprises that challenge exploitative commercial business models.


Knowledge – is power and we believe in creating a level-playing field in the market and helping people to buy and spend better.

Balance – companies need profits and workers need good wages – we also believe in “good deals” and “fair prices”.

Challenge – Companies and markets need to be open to challenge and scrutiny by the customers which they serve.

Citizenship – being an engaged and smart consumer is part of being an active informed citizen

Social movement – we do believe we’re all in this together and we actively work with others to help us all to improve the quality of our lives.


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